Church Live Streaming

  Give your church attendees the best viewing experience possible!


Global Coverage

Our huge multi-CDN network has got you covered, with servers in over 100 locations across the globe.

Fully Mobile Compatible

Give all your viewers the same consistent experience. Our mobile phone and tablet support means you no longer have to treat certain viewers as second rate citizens.

Detailed Viewer Reports

Our reports allows detailed analysis of your live streams. We also offer a Google Analytics integration if that’s more your style.

Unique Player

Completely customize the colors of our video player to match your organizations branding.

Credits Roll Over

Credits left over from the previous month’s allocation are rolled over into the next month.

Video on Demand

All plans include access to our advanced video on demand platform. Serve your videos through our super fast content delivery network.

Privacy Controls

Our embed restriction feature allows you to make sure content can only be played on the pages/domains you specify.

Advertising Support

Monetize your live streams with our advertising integration. We support Google IMA (VAST & VPAID).

Amazing Customer Support

We’re always here to help! Speak directly to the developers, and skip the low level support.

Customer Testimonials

"StreamShark is a valuable part of my business. The platform helps me meet my clients’ different streaming requirements."
Dennis Fernandes StreamGate
“StreamShark’s expertise and platform helped us deliver a massively successful stream."
Scott Ward Visual Domain
“I would definitely recommend StreamShark to any organization or agency that’s looking for an innovative way to live stream.”
Ryan Alexander GPS Impact


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