Video on Demand Features

Flexible Content Display Options

Display your VODs to viewers via Brandable Player Pages, Channels, Content Portal. You can also use embed codes and embed links.

Simulate Live Streams Using Pre-Recorded VOD Content

Not every broadcast has to be truly ‘Live’. Enterprise teams can reduce stress and risk by pre-recording segments and simulating live streams.

Single Sign-On and Viewer Management

Restrict your VODs via SSO. Use Viewer Management to whitelist viewers via email or use in open-registration mode for lead capture.

Customize Your Content


Simulate VOD as Live

Caption Support

We support upload of multiple caption files and viewers can select their preferred caption language from the video player.

Detailed Analytics & Insights

Understanding how viewers engage with your content is incredibly important, which is why we've created a suite of analytics tools, allowing you to analyse data down to the individual viewer level.

Full Privacy Controls

Secure your stream with our privacy rules engine. Protect your stream with password, embed location, geographical location, IP address and/or email.

Complete Control Over Video Encoding

We provide support for a range of the latest video formats and the flexibility to choose how your videos are encoded. Alternatively let us automatically encode your videos in the optimal format and qualities.

360° Video Player

Our fully HTML5 360° Video Player works across desktop and mobile devices.

Detailed Video Anlaytics

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