The Beginners Guide to OBS

OBS Beginners Guide

We’ve been hard at work creating a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the open source live streaming program, Open Broadcaster Software, more commonly known as OBS. If you’re interested in learning more about OBS, then you can check … Read More

Enterprise Live Streaming: Scale and Security

Scale and Security For Enterprise Live Streams

Companies already have video conferencing solutions that they use for meetings, so there is some confusion around the need for a live streaming solution. I’m frequently asked, “What’s the difference between live streaming internal events and standard video conferencing platforms?”. … Read More

Enterprise Live Streaming

Enterprise Live Streaming: Should You Do It?

The enquiries I usually get are from companies who want to better understand what’s involved in live streaming. It’s not too hard for me to quickly find that there’s an even bigger question they have that they haven’t voiced yet: “Why … Read More

StreamShark Joins SRT Alliance

StreamShark Joins SRT Alliance

High Quality, Low Latency Video Streaming Over the Internet Melbourne, Australia July 13, 2017 – StreamShark, an End-to-end solution provider of highly scalable and reliable live and on-demand video platforms for enterprises, organizations and video agencies, today announced that they … Read More