Video Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights Features

Single Sign-On Report

All SSO viewer access is logged and reported in the SSO Report for your Events and VoDs. Search the SSO Viewers table within the portal via SSO ID or export the full report in csv format.

The csv report includes fields such as SSO ID, Device information, Start Time and End Time and can be shared with your security or engagement teams for further analyses.


Viewer Management Report

For Events and VoDs restricted via Viewer Management, detailed per viewer analytics are available.

Search the Viewers table within the portal via email or export the report in csv format for further analyses.


Account Wide Report

Our account wide report allows users to see the macro view of how their content is performing.

Additionally users can drill down into individual pieces of content and see what’s happening on a micro level.


Real Time Analytics

Monitor how viewers are engaging with your content in real time, allowing you to adjust your live content to keep user engagement high.

Stream Health & Logging

Sanity check your incoming stream source quality to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

See in real-time your incoming stream bitrate, frame rate and get notified of any issues.


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