About Us

About StreamShark

StreamShark is a technology company with expertise in reliable video stream delivery for global reach. It excels at making the live streams of large scale, high profile events a massive success with viewers having an exceptional viewing experience.

StreamShark’s live event platform offers users the ability to efficiently and reliably manage the different phases of an event’s stream, while ensuring maximum reach and reliability of the live stream via its multi-vendor approach with ingests and CDNs.

Company History

StreamShark is MetaCDN’s streaming media arm. Founded in 2011 from research out of the University of Melbourne, MetaCDN is backed by leading Australian venture capital firm Starfish Ventures and the University of Melbourne’s commercialisation division.

The StreamShark brand was launched in September 2015 to better serve our live streaming and video on demand customers.

The StreamShark Team

James Broberg

Founder & CEO

Robert Whatmough

Principal Engineer (Founding Member)

Yudong Li

Head of Software Engineering (Founding Member)

Cameron Lowe

Digital Marketing Manager & Product Designer

Hua Jiang

Software Engineer

Kevin Staunton-Lambert

Streaming Video Engineer

Leon Li

Front End Software Engineer

Austin Lay

Full Stack Software Engineer

Jonah Elso-Mathews

Full Stack Software Engineer

Niklas Jurado

Business Development Representative

Michael Panaccio