Essential Enterprise Live Streaming Features

Single Sign On (SSO) Support

Limit access to the StreamShark portal and the video player using your SSO provider and access groups.
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Channels for Every Department or Event

Organize your live and on-demand content into uniquely styled channels that match your company or event branding.
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Encoder Management

Remotely configure and control your hardware encoders across intranets and the internet for turnkey live streaming to StreamShark and other destinations.
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Operator Friendly Workflows

Use workflows designed to make your video team’s tasks easier and increase team productivity.
Live Streaming Workflow With Encoder Controls

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Live Streaming Production Workflow

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Delivery

Reduce bandwidth load on your corporate network by sharing live stream content between viewers on your internal network.
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Encryption & DRM

End-to-End encryption of your live streams to ensure your content is only visible to correctly authorized viewers.
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360° Live Streaming

Take your live streams to the next level, with fully immersive 360-degree 4K streams.
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And even more great features

Multistream To Social
Adaptive Bitrate / Cloud Transcoding
Instant Video Archives
Live Highlight Clips
Sub Users & Audit Trails

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