Enterprise Live Streaming

Custom live streaming solutions.

Enterprise Features

Incredibly Reliable

Our live streaming platform is one of the most reliable in the industry. We excel at making large scale, high profile events a massive success. With redundancies at every stage (including at the DNS level), we’ll make sure your event never goes down.

Adaptive Bitrate / Cloud Transcoding

A single stream input can be transcoded on the fly into multiple qualities, which allows for adaptive bitrate playback. Great for events in locations with limited bandwidth.

Encryption & Digital Rights Management

We apply the highest encryption standards and security protocols to your streams, which ensures your content is only visible to the correctly authorized user. Learn more.

Facebook Live Integration

Use our unique Facebook permission management system to securely receive temporary publishing privilege for your client’s preferred pages. Extend your reach by broadcasting simultaneously across multiple platforms. Learn more.

StreamShark Enterprise Portal

Restream To Other Destinations

Enterprise customers can upload a single stream and have it rebroadcast to multiple other streaming destinations (e.g. YouTube, Twitch etc) simultaneously, which greatly reduces the required upload bandwidth. Learn more.

Single Sign On (SSO) Support

Limit access to the StreamShark portal and the video player using access control lists. We support a range of SSO platforms. Learn more.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Delivery

Reduce bandwidth load on your corporate network by sharing live stream content between viewers on your internal network. Learn more.

Geographical Restrictions

Restrict access to your streams based on user location. Perfect if your broadcasting rights only apply to certain regions.

Instant Stream Archiving

Generate an archive of your live stream within seconds of completion.

Live Highlight Clips

Create video clips of key sections of your live stream while live and share or embed these highlight clips independently of the main live stream.

Encoder Fleet Management

Remotely manage your hardware encoders across teams and geographies.

Sub Users & Audit Trails

Grant additional users access to your StreamShark account. Additionally see every action taken by authorized users within the StreamShark portal.

Multi Content Delivery Network

Our patented Multi-CDN (multi content delivery network) combines multiple CDN providers into a single global network. This provides unparalleled reliability and availability across the globe.

Dedicated Account Manager

All enterprise customers are assigned a dedicated account manager who’s there to make life easy.


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