VOD2Live - Simulated Live Streaming

VOD2Live Features

Our VOD2Live feature called Live Scheduler, allows enterprise communication and A/V teams to create a playlist for their event – similar to a schedule for a live TV program – populated with pre-recorded video content. Rather than uploading in real-time, enterprise comms and A/V teams can do the hard work before the event has even started.

Simulate Live Streams Using Pre-Recorded Videos

Users can preload high-quality video content (up to 4K) to the cloud via StreamShark. There’s less need for perfection on event day. Best of all, viewers still experience the content as Live.

Remove Stress and Risk from Live Event Streaming

Not every broadcast has to be truly ‘Live’. Enterprise teams can reduce stress and risk by pre-recording segments before the event.

Premier Content Across Time Zones with Ease

Live Scheduler helps you plan and schedule your pre-recorded assets to go Live at your preferred time for each timezone.

Improved Captions & Accessibility

Live Scheduler supports up to eight different languages with BYO captions or our in-house, AI-based closed captioning system.

Multistreaming with Great Reliability

Live Scheduler supports multistreaming, meaning enterprises can simultaneously broadcast high-quality live streams to multiple destinations such as Facebook, YouTube etc.
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