Facebook Live Streaming

Use Professional Video Equipment

Most brands or businesses require a minimum level of video production quality which just isn’t met by a phone camera.

StreamShark’s Facebook Live integration enables you to live stream with professional grade video equipment, including multi-camera setups.

Facebook Live Parnter

Manage Facebook Page Permissions

Not all companies/individuals wish to grant admin access to their pages. Our Facebook permission management system allows you to live stream to pages by receiving temporary publishing privilege without the need to be added as an admin.

When wanting to live stream to a Facebook page, simply request publishing access through our email permission system before you Go Live.

Facebook Live Partner

As an official Facebook Live launch partner we have a huge amount of experience working with the platform.

Our integration leverages the latest features available and provides additional functionality not offered within the standard Facebook live platform.

Simultaneously Stream To Multiple FB Pages & Profiles

Broadcast a single stream to multiple Facebook pages & profiles simultaneously with a single click.

Great for organizations who wish to stream to multiple brands at once or have limited upload bandwidth.

Embeddable Video Player

Our unbranded and ad-free video player lets you extend the reach of your live streams by offering an embeddable player that can be used on websites external to Facebook.

360-Degree Video Support

Our Facebook integration provides support for 360-degree live streaming, which allows you to harness the immersiveness of 360-degree video.

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