Encrypted Live Streaming

Ensure only the right people have access to your streams.

Encryption Features

Encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

We apply the highest encryption standards and security protocols to your streams, which ensures your content is only visible to the correctly authorized user.

Encryption is commonly used for internal secure live streams, such as all hands meetings or strategy meetings.

We can also restrict playback to specified geographical locations, which is perfect for region-based content licenses.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Live streams can be locked down to a range of variables including IP, domain, geographic location, or website.

If you require your stream to be locked down on any other variable, please let us know.

Full Control of Your Keyserver

We can completely manage the keyserver and key generation for your encrypted live streams

Alternatively, if your organization already has a keyserver we can use that instead.

Customer Testimonials

"StreamShark is a valuable part of my business. The platform helps me meet my clients’ different streaming requirements."
Dennis Fernandes StreamGate
“StreamShark’s expertise and platform helped us deliver a massively successful stream."
Scott Ward Visual Domain
“I would definitely recommend StreamShark to any organization or agency that’s looking for an innovative way to live stream.”
Ryan Alexander GPS Impact