Live Streaming for Agencies

  Give your clients the best live streaming experience possible!

Why Live Stream?

Engage Directly With Users

Unlike traditional media, live streams allow you to connect and engage directly with users in real time.

Compelling Shared Experiences

All things in life are much more enjoyable when you can share the experience with others.

Global Reach

Live streams allow you to connect with users anywhere in the world.

Key Features

Unique Player

Completely customize the colors of our video player to match your organizations branding.

Facebook Live Integration

We’re an official FB Live launch partner. Extend your reach by broadcasting simultaneously across multiple platforms.

Fully Mobile Compatible

Give all your viewers the same consistent experience. Our mobile phone and tablet support means you no longer have to treat certain viewers as second rate citizens.

Advertising Support

Monetize your live streams with our advertising integration. We support Google IMA (VAST & VPAID).

Privacy Controls

Our embed restriction feature allows you to make sure content can only be played on the pages/domains you specify.

Detailed Viewer Reports

Our reports allows detailed analysis of your live streams. We also offer a Google Analytics integration if that’s more your style.


Customer Testimonials

"The service, quality, and reliability are excellent."
Grant Collingwood Happy Customer
"The perfect video streaming solution."
Andrew Nicastro Happy Customer
"Your live streaming latency is low, it's quite amazing."
Chita Fan Happy Customer
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