How to Convert a CUBE or 3DL LUT to a PNG Image

Follow our step-by-step guide below.


In most cases you’ll find that a LUT file is either a CUBE or 3DL file. Unfortunately OBS only supports an image version of this file. In this guide we’ll show you how to convert them to a PNG image.

What is a color look-up table (LUT)?

A color look-up table replaces the source video colors with different colors for dramatic effect.

Open a neutral LUT PNG image in photoshop

1. Open a neutral LUT PNG image in photoshop

In Photoshop open a neutral LUT png image. OBS supplies a neutral LUT which you can find here.

Select ‘Create a new color look-up layer’

2. Create a new color look-up layer

First select ‘Layer’ from the top menu, then ‘New Adjustment Layer’, and then finally select ‘Color Lookup…’. This should create a new layer above the neutral LUT layer.

Load the CUBE/3DL LUT file

3. Load the CUBE/3DL LUT file

Select the color lookup layer and go to properties. In the dropdown select ‘Load 3D LUT…”. Browse for the CUBE/3DL LUT file you wish to convert.

Save as uncompressed PNG

4. Save as uncompressed PNG

The neutral layer should now look different. The next step is to save the image as an uncompressed PNG. Save the file as if you were saving a standard Photoshop file, but instead of saving it as a PSD save it as a PNG.



You have now converted your CUBE/3DL LUT file to a PNG image. Follow our guide here to learn how to use the image LUT in OBS.