Creating a Picture-in-Picture Effect in OBS

Follow our step-by-step guide below.


The picture in picture effect is commonly used by video game streamers, who place their floating head in the corner of their screen capture. In this guide we will add a webcam as the main source and overlay a video in the corner. This effect can be used on any type of media layer.

Make sure you have at least two layers

1. Make sure you have at least two layers

You can find guides on how to add a webcam here, and how to add a media source here.

Arrange the layers

2. Arrange the layers

Drag the layer that you wish to superimpose over the top.

Resize the layer

3. Resize the layer

When you have a layer selected, a red outline will appear around it on the preview screen.

Ensure you have the correct layer selected, then click and drag on one of the red corner handles to resize it.

Position the layer

4. Position the layer

If you wish to move the superimposed layer around, you can click directly on it and drag it around the canvas.



You can apply the same principles to resize and drag any of the layers used in OBS.