Restream Your Live Stream To Multiple 3rd Party Destinations

Restreaming Features

Restream To Multiple Platforms

The StreamShark platform allows a single live stream to be restreamed simultaneously to multiple 3rd party platforms like Youtube, Twitch & Periscope. We can also restream to any other platform that can accept RTMP.

Not all companies/individuals wish to grant admin access to their pages. Our permission management system allows you to receive temporary publishing privileges without the need to be added as an admin to the respective platforms. Avoid trading account passwords or granting admin role access to pages.

Reduce Upload Bandwidth Requirements

Previously if you wanted to live stream to multiple platforms you needed to upload each stream separately. The downside to this method is that it required a large amount of upload capacity.

With restreaming, a single live stream can be broadcast simultaneously to multiple destinations, completely removing the need to upload multiple streams at once. The benefit being greatly reduced upload capacity requirements.

Control Multiple Sources At Once

With a single click you can go live on all 3rd party platforms at exactly the same time, providing a great way of managing multiple restreams simultaneously.

Customer Testimonials

"StreamShark is a valuable part of my business. The platform helps me meet my clients’ different streaming requirements."
Dennis Fernandes StreamGate
“StreamShark’s expertise and platform helped us deliver a massively successful stream."
Scott Ward Visual Domain
“I would definitely recommend StreamShark to any organization or agency that’s looking for an innovative way to live stream.”
Ryan Alexander GPS Impact