StreamShark Partners With EZDRM

StreamShark Partners With EZDRM

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, video content is king. Whether you’re broadcasting live events, sharing corporate training videos, or delivering complex & immersive VR/AR video content, seamless and secure content delivery is paramount for content owners. However – it shouldn’t have to be complicated. To that end, we are thrilled to announce a partnership and integration between StreamShark and EZDRM that will take the commercial streaming experience to new heights (and devices!) for content owners and managers.

After previewing this integration at NAB Show 2023, we are officially taking the wraps off this capability now it is generally available to all eligible StreamShark Enterprise and Broadcaster customers. 

“We are incredibly excited to officially launch our StreamShark EZDRM integration, and partner with EZDRM on seamless DRM enablement for our Enterprise Video Platform” said James Broberg, Founder & CEO, StreamShark. “Working with the team at EZDRM was an easy decision given their long track record in the space, constant appetite for innovation and commitment to ease of integration. With growing customer demand from use cases as diverse as corporate comms wanting to level up their security and compliance, to the most challenging protection and delivery of 4K 3D sports and Hollywood studio content to the latest VR/AR headsets – it’s integral to have a turn-key DRM solution for content owners.”

“This partnership is a terrific example of the way we approach novel and forward-thinking streaming technologies,“ commented Olga Kornienko, COO and Co-Founder at EZDRM. “New user experiences that include a seamless approach to security are those most likely to rise to commercial leadership. We applaud the work that StreamShark is doing in this space, and we look forward to a long collaboration.”

A Seamless Integration for Enhanced Video Security

The partnership between StreamShark and EZDRM represents a significant step forward for customers needing turn-key video workflows to protect and monetize their valuable content. With this integration, customers will benefit from a seamless, end-to-end enterprise video streaming solution that combines the strengths of both platforms.

Here’s what you can expect from this integration:

1. Unmatched Video Security: EZDRM’s powerful DRM technology is seamlessly integrated into StreamShark’s Live Event and Live Scheduler platforms, providing robust content protection for your video content. With one-click EZDRM enablement and direct integration with StreamShark’s existing robust Access Control capabilities (including SSO, Viewer Management and Privacy Profile), you can say goodbye to unauthorized access and piracy concerns.

2. Effortless Content Delivery: StreamShark’s intuitive multi-CDN, multi-platform video delivery system will remain at your service, ensuring that your videos are seamlessly onboarded from file and live based sources, transcoded and are delivered to your audience with the same ease and speed you’ve come to expect via StreamShark and third party players.

3. User-Friendly Experience: The integration is user-friendly, allowing you to manage your DRM settings directly within the StreamShark platform. No more complex, time-consuming configurations.

4. Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights into how your protected videos are performing. StreamShark’s player and CDN analytics and reporting tools will continue to provide valuable data on viewer engagement, while EZDRM’s analytics will give you a deeper understanding of your content security and license usage.

5. Full Compatibility: This integration is designed to be compatible with various streaming protocols, devices, and platforms, thanks to EZDRM and StreamShark’s broad standard and platform support, ensuring that your content reaches a wide and diverse audience.

6. Enhanced Customer Support: Our team is working to provide outstanding customer support, answering any questions and assisting you in optimizing your video content protection strategy.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the challenges of content security. With StreamShark and EZDRM, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that your video content remains secure and accessible to your intended audience.

Learn more at, or email [email protected] to schedule a meeting with StreamShark to discuss how the platform can help power your video content protection strategy.

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EZDRM: Digital Rights Management. Simplified.

As a service operator or content owner in today’s competitive world of video services, you feel driven to look for improvements and efficiencies in every area of your business. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to security. EZDRM gives you the competitive edge of a highly effective DRM service – as content is encoded, packaged, and delivered to each and every device in your network.