3 Ways Churches Benefit from Live Streaming Services

3 Ways Churches Benefit from Live Streaming Services

Churches run regular events for prayer services, sermons and bible study. So, why would a church live stream when it already provides these events onsite and gives members a physical place to connect with God and the wider church community? In this post, we look at the 3 key ways that churches benefit from live streaming.

1. Live Streaming Increases Reach for the Church

Being physically present at the church for services, sermons or bible study is only possible for people who:

  • are physically able to come to the church.
  • live close enough to make the trip.
  • have time to commit for the whole event, including travel time.

Live streaming allows a larger number of people to be able to connect with the Church:

  • Homebound members, whether they are unwell or physically challenged, can watch Church services live from the comfort of their home.
  • Communities and people who are not in the local vicinity of the church are able to connect with their faith by watching services and sermons from the Church they want to join.
  • Busy families with kids involved in extracurricular activities or a high academic workload, have the option of tuning in to the live stream rather than missing out completely.

2. Live Streaming Leads to Greater Engagement for Church members

Watching a live video stream leads to greater engagement because:

  • Viewers are able to clearly see and hear the sermon being given.
  • It’s interactive. A Facebook Live stream on the Church’s page gives members the opportunity to comment, ask questions and play a more active role.
  • Members of the church who are travelling or who move away can tune into broadcasts and experience being part of the church community. This is valuable for military members who are away from home for long periods of time.

3. Live Streaming Opens Channel for Collections, Donations and Giving

Over the last decade, online transactions have become the preferred method for making and receiving payments. Churches can now offer online subscriptions for live streamed content or offer the content for free with a request encouraging the viewer to make a donation or contribute to the collection. It’s easier for viewers to give when they are already on the church website.

Church Live Streaming Customer Story

In this video, Duffy Dowling, Communications Pastor at Stairway Church shares how and why Stairway live streams its weekly services:

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