Facebook Live in 1080p

Facebook Live in 1080p

We are pleased to announce that StreamShark supports going Live on Facebook in 1080p.

Since the launch of Facebook Live in 2016, StreamShark has been a trusted Partner for Facebook Live. StreamShark specialises in secure and reliable delivery of Live and on-demand video content. High profile brands, enterprises and production agencies use StreamShark’s Restreaming workflow and leverage its deep integration with Facebook Live API to go Live natively to millions of followers on Facebook. Our customers enjoy innovative Facebook Live solutions on StreamShark including permissions management, failover support, chat moderation, donations and 360º.

1080p vs 720p

Previously, Facebook Live only supported live streams with a max. resolution of 720p i.e. the video was shown in a player with 720 horizontal lines with aspect ratio 16:9 (1280x720px HD display). However, in recent years, viewers’ expectations for high quality video have grown, driven by substantial improvement in the display quality of their devices.

For viewers on desktops/laptops, 720p offered a sub-par experience and so 1080p will be far more enjoyable and engaging. Further, for majority of viewers internet connectivity and bandwidth available is better now than every before. Hence, live streaming in 1080p (1920×1080 px also known as Full HD) will offer a richer viewing experience and create a stronger connection between VIPs and their followers.

Permissions Management

Our unique permissions management system allows customers to securely receive temporary publishing privilege for your client’s Facebook pages/profiles from the admin by emailing them from within StreamShark. We eliminate the need to trade username/passwords or to make the live stream operator an admin of your client’s account.

StreamShark’s unique permissions management system for Facebook Live

Failover Support

For high profile global Facebook Live events with VIPs, Heads of State and celebrities, we recommend pushing a backup stream to a backup ingest on StreamShark. StreamShark then restreams both the primary and backup streams to primary and backup Facebook Live ingests. If Facebook Live detects any issues with the primary stream, it fails over to the backup stream. We also have the option for the stream operator to action a forced failover if required.

Live Chat & Moderation

Live streams are more engaging for online audiences when they feel they can interact with your talent (VIPs/celebrities). For example, when VIPs/celebrities respond to viewers’ questions and comments during the live stream. StreamShark’s Live Chat & Moderation is a powerful tool that can be used by a moderator to review, select, edit and share questions/comments with the talent via our Presenter View (teleprompter UI) which can be opened on a tablet or smartphone.

StreamShark Live Chat and Moderation panel
StreamShark Presenter View opened on a tablet

Facebook Donate

StreamShark supports Facebook Donate so non-profit organizations can raise money by communicating with fans and fans via a Facebook Live event.

Facebook Live 360º

Live 360º is a speciality of ours and you can use StreamShark to go Live in 360 on Facebook.

If you have any questions on Facebook Live or if you’d like to discuss your next Facebook Live event, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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