Streamshark Hive Streaming Integration

Streamshark Hive Streaming Integration

We are thrilled to announce StreamShark’s new partnership with Hive Streaming! The partnership will enable us to improve video delivery efficiency for enterprise customers.

Our platform leverages innovative technology to solve the common pain points around live streaming. We aim to deliver the highest quality stream experience for viewers by architecting unparalleled reliability and redundancy into the core of every aspect of our system. Our partnership with Hive Streaming will further this vision by enabling us to deliver high-quality video streams via their peer-based software.

Reduce infrastructure costs and improve playback performance

A key challenge we find is that while our enterprise customers want large scale and high quality live streams, their company networks can’t handle the external bandwidth requirements. Many are reluctant to deploy additional hardware infrastructure or contract with service providers for additional bandwidth.

When Hive Streaming is enabled, the viewer’s device acts as a video distribution node. The benefit of this is that it reduces the external bandwidth requirements on local networks, as any video data already downloaded is shared locally between viewers on an internal network. This is especially effective for companies with large internal audiences.

We see efficiency gains of 80-90% (i.e. percentage of traffic delivered over Hive Streaming vs. the CDN/Internet) with enterprises that elect to enable this feature.

Benefits of Hive Streaming

We highly recommend using StreamShark with Hive integration, delivering the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Reduces bandwidth requirements.
  • Reduces latency.
  • Enables all viewers to consume high quality streams, regardless of weak network links and remote offices.
  • Scales to tens of thousands of viewers.
  • Utilizes existing idling infrastructure and turns viewer computers and network resources into video distribution nodes, without requiring additional hardware investment.
  • Near zero software configuration required.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.
  • Silent testing in advance of key live events.
  • Guarantee quality streaming video for all viewers.
  • Visualize the network from a global view down to an individual user’s view.
  • Access to in-depth metrics and reports on Quality of Experience (QoE).

If you would like to discuss enterprise live streaming with us, please email [email protected].

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