StreamShark Introduces Health and Logging Feature to Help Enterprises Improve Every Video Live Stream 

StreamShark Introduces Health and Logging Feature to Help Enterprises Improve Every Video Live Stream 

Reduce the common issues, pitfalls, and flubs associated with live streaming

(Melbourne, Australia, August 8, 2022) StreamShark, a secure and reliable enterprise video platform, recently launched their brand new Health and Logging feature, which monitors live stream videos in real time, so operators can identify and quickly fix stream and operational issues, and deliver the highest quality live streams to viewers. 

Common problems like delayed audio, poor video quality, bandwidth problems, and feedback delays frequently disrupt live stream video events. But, in the high-stress world of enterprise video, low-quality live streams are not an option.

StreamShark’s new Health and Logging feature improves live stream events by empowering stream operators to monitor the health of a stream in real-time, so they can quickly correct problems that may arise during the event.

With the new StreamShark Health and Logging feature, stream operators can easily check a highlighted tab on their dashboard to assess the current conditions of a live stream. If there’s an issue, operators can set to work and tackle the problem quickly. That makes for faster troubleshooting and better live streams. 

Additionally, the Health and Logging feature’s streaming log panel, which displays the health of a stream, allows operators to easily assess a stream’s bit rate, frame rate, and more to ensure the live stream is healthy and running smoothly.

During a live stream, StreamShark’s Health and Logging feature will also send alerts, information, or warnings on actions taken and actions that must be taken, in real time, to operators, to ensure a successful live stream.  

Thanks to this real time monitoring and accessible notification system, Health and Logging helps operators correct typical live stream issues like feedback delays, audio delays, or reduced video quality faster.

“Running a live stream video event is stressful, and there’s a lot of pressure on stream operators to deliver a perfect event every time. The new Health and Logging feature helps operators quickly address common issues and fix them during a live stream, so viewers can have the ultimate viewing experience,” said James Broberg, Founder & CEO, StreamShark. “We’re easing the burden on the operator, and making sure every live stream is the best it can be.”

The new Health and Logging feature also helps organizations improve their live stream events through the capture of audience analytics. Post-event, teams can study data like attendee time at an event, when attendees paused or left a stream, the total time it took an attendee to view a stream, and more. This kind of information enables organizations to improve future live streaming events, based on the data and metrics that truly matter: audience participation.

StreamShark’s Health and Logging is the latest feature debuted by the company, as it continues to be the most trusted enterprise video platform in the industry. 

StreamShark is used by many of the world’s leading social media, metaverse and ecommerce organizations as a trusted live event platform that offers users the ability to efficiently and reliably manage the different phases of an event’s stream, while ensuring maximum reach and reliability of the live stream via its multi-vendor approach with ingests and CDNs. 

Streamshark excels at making the live streams of large scale, high profile events a massive success with viewers enjoying an exceptional experience.

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