StreamShark’s Matrox Integration

StreamShark’s Matrox Integration

We’re thrilled to announce StreamShark’s integration with Matrox® which makes it effortless to live stream events with the Matrox® Monarch family of H.264 encoding appliances – the Monarch HDX and Monarch HD.

Hardware Encoders for Live Streaming for Enterprise, Church, Education and Conference

Hardware encoders such as the Monarch HDX/HD are a great option for video teams to use in situations where a portable setup is required or where there are many rooms at the venue from where events can be live streamed. For example,

  • a company with multiple meeting rooms might be live streaming a public (external) event or a confidential (internal) product demo to employees across offices.
  • a university with multiple lecture halls live streaming lectures to students (part of a distance-learning or MOOC program)
  • a church that live streams services and sermons from its studio, prayer hall, or worship rooms to its members.
  • a conference center with multiple conference rooms simultaneously streaming multiple conference tracks live.

Challenges in Live Streaming with Hardware Encoders

The key challenges we see in the workflow for using hardware (or software) encoders for live streaming include:

  • The requirement for a technician to be on-site in order to manage live stream hardware encoders following the initial setup.
  • The time it takes to identify and configure multiple hardware encoders at a site. Imagine the time or technicians required to identify, control, configure and stream from 10 or even 20 encoders across a building.
  • The ease of making errors when trying to replicate stream settings for your streaming destination in the configuration settings for your hardware encoder. While such errors are minor, they might lead to wasting a lot of time spent debugging.

Live Streaming is Easy with StreamShark and Matrox H.264 Encoding Appliances

We’ve addressed the challenges listed above with our powerful new integration for Matrox® Monarch family of H.264 encoding appliances. Now, from within your StreamShark Live Streaming Event platform, you can:

  • Remotely control multiple Monarch HDX/HD encoders for broadcast streaming.
  • Give more user-friendly, easily identifiable names for your Monarch HDX/HD appliances. Once you’ve identified the encoder you want to re-configure from the list, update its settings with a click.
  • Link your Monarch HDX/HD encoder to your streaming event. There is no need to copy the stream settings again.

Manage Hardware Encoders

StreamShark Boardroom Encoder Configuration

We’ve also added a support document on How to Live Stream Using Matrox Monarch HDX/HD Encoders that describes how you can use StreamShark to remotely configure and control your Monarch HDX/HD streaming appliance.

We love making live streaming effortless for users and this latest integration not only improves the workflow for using hardware encoders but also makes it efficient to manage a large number of encoders remotely. If you have any questions about the new integration, feel free to email us at [email protected].


  1. Mark Hall

    Hi Cameron,
    Met some of the guys this year in US at NAB and didn’t realise you were also based in Melbourne, like us. Would love to catch up and meet with some of the local team next year if they are interested? We distribute and work with consultants/integrators in a range of technologies ( Wont go into it too much here although includes Wowza/Osprey/Livestream) and we work in many different industries from broadcast/EDU to religious/defence. Was also great to hear about some of your local work with the Aus Open as we are doing and getting asked to help with more 4K/VR/360 type work. Cheers.

    1. Aakanksha

      Hi Mark,

      Splendid! Thanks, we had great fun wowing visitors at the Aus Open with a Live 360 experience.

      We’ll respond to you directly over email.

      Kind Regards,

  2. David Riddell

    Hi I am an AV integrator ( also a Newmagic dealer) in Australia who uses the Matrox products HD and HDX mainly in funeral chapels and mainly to record to a NAS or USB drive. We are looking at including streaming so what you have to offer seems a perfect addition. As we work with several funeral chapel brands across the country, is it possible for us (Audiovision) to have one account and then onsell usage to each chapel and we oversee the whole process. We would need to be able to embed your player on their individual websites with password access. Probably don’t need scheduling as they they start the recording/streaming from a touch panel. Typically each service uses about 1 Gb upload at 2000 kbs. Normally only a handful of people will watch the service. What are the options of keeping streams on your server for about 1 month then deleting.

    1. Cameron

      Hi David,

      Great to hear you’re interested in our solution! A member of our sales team will reach out to you shortly with answers to your question.

      Kind regards,


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