StreamShark Presents at Streaming Media West 2016

StreamShark Presents at Streaming Media West 2016

Innovations in the Digital Media, Entertainment and Online Video Industry

Streaming Media West 2016 is an annual conference focussed on the business, technology and content of online video. For two days, the conference brings together video experts, producers, media and broadcast executives as well as content creators to share the innovations, best practices and future of digital media, entertainment and the online video industry.

Best Practices for Executing High Profile Live Streaming Events

We’re thrilled to share that James Broberg, StreamShark’s CEO and Eric Zawolkow, Media Systems Engineer at Facebook have been selected to present a joint talk at Streaming Media West (details here).

James and Eric will share the best practices around reliable live streaming of critical, high importance global events with multiple redundant signal pathways. It’s a great opportunity to learn:

  • how to overcome challenging on-site environments like flakey internet, failing encoders, faulty cables and failing CDNs.
  • best practice tips covering the gamut of on-site challenges (cameras, switchers, signal paths, ingest/uplink) to reliable end-user playback (transcoding/transmuxing, reliable playback engines, CDN selection).
  • how you can implement backups and redundancy at every possible level of your live workflow.
  • best practices (and caveats) around successfully leveraging Facebook Live – Facebook’s native new entry into the live streaming category that is gaining enormous traction and engagement right now.
  • about their experiences (and the odd failure) and how to make sure your next event is a resounding success.

Meet StreamShark at Streaming Media West

If you’re attending Streaming Media West, check out James’ and Eric’s talk and do say hello! If you’d like to talk to James to learn more about StreamShark or explore possibilities of working together, contact us and we’ll fix up a time for you both to meet.

02_calendar_streaming_media_westStreaming Media West 2016 Conference Details

Talk: B105 – Best Practices For Executing High Profile Live Streaming Events
Talk schedule: Tuesday, 1 Nov at 4.00pm
Registration: Click here

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