StreamShark Introduces Live Scheduler to Help Enterprises Make Every Video Live Stream Successful

StreamShark Introduces Live Scheduler to Help Enterprises Make Every Video Live Stream Successful

Enterprise communication and A/V teams can increase traffic by 10x while reducing the risk and stress associated with live streaming.

(Melbourne, Australia, May 17, 2022) StreamShark, a secure and reliable enterprise video platform, introduced their Live Scheduler feature, which helps enterprises execute high-quality video live stream events with less stress and lower risk of failure.

Live Scheduler allows enterprise communication and A/V teams to create a playlist for their event – similar to a schedule for a live TV program – populated with pre-recorded video content. Large enterprise clients are already using the feature to pre-process and pre-encode large 2K and 4K video files to reduce the risk of failure during global streaming events. StreamShark users have experienced up to a 10x increase in traffic using the Live Scheduler.

In the world of enterprise video live streaming, there’s little room for error. Coordinating a Live event includes a lot of moving parts, especially when high-quality productions are meant to be broadcast to viewers across the globe. 

StreamShark’s Live Scheduler allows teams to front-load their event planning by preloading high-quality content to the cloud, rather than uploading in real-time. There’s less need for perfection on event day, and viewers still experience the content as Live.

“In some ways, the Live Scheduler acts as a cheat code for enterprise video teams – while still achieving the reliability their organization requires,” said James Broberg, Founder & CEO, Streamshark.

“At StreamShark, we’re always searching for ways to de-risk these major live video streams so that each event is a guaranteed success. Live Scheduler lets enterprise teams do the hard work before the event has even started. Best of all, your viewers won’t even know that some of your content was pre-recorded.”

StreamShark customers have already used the Live Scheduler feature to schedule content for both internal and external events: product launches, annual summits, conferences, trade shows and 24/7 content loops for lobby TVs and information kiosks. Successful customer use cases include:

  • A virtual reality concert for a high-profile social media company
  • Product launches for another large social media platform
  • Conferences for a marquee E-Commerce platform

One enterprise client experienced a 10x increase in traffic upon using the Live Scheduler tool. This user broadcast up to 15 concurrent live streams, each containing large 4K assets. Viewer engagement and length of viewing increased significantly.

The Live Scheduler tool is built for enterprises with a global reach. The feature supports multi streaming, meaning it’s easier for companies to simultaneously broadcast multiple high-quality live streams across their white label video player, as well as social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Workplace. 

Using pre-recorded content makes Live streaming across timezones much easier, as A/V and broadcast teams don’t have to run separate events for each timezone. StreamShark’s Live Scheduler also helps increase accessibility, supporting up to eight different languages with BYO captions or their AI-based closed captioning system.

StreamShark’s Live Scheduler is the latest feature debuted by the company, as it continues to be the most trusted enterprise video platform in the industry. In April, StreamShark announced additional features to help growing enterprises reach global audiences through video.

Learn more at, or email [email protected] to schedule a meeting with StreamShark to discuss how Live Scheduler can help power your video communication strategy. 


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