TWiT’s First 360-Degree Live Stream by StreamShark

TWiT’s First 360-Degree Live Stream by StreamShark

This week we got our geek on delivering an exciting live event with the production team at Pixel Corps. It was The First ‘This Week in Tech’ episode in the new TWiT Eastside Studio AND the first in 360º (watch it here).

If you don’t know TWiT, it is a podcast network founded by technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte. TWiT reaches a highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience as one of the world’s largest internet broadcasters of live and on-demand technology shows. Stats from two years ago indicate that even back then it’s audio podcasts were downloaded over 5 million times each month and 3,000-4,000 people watched its live-streamed shows.

We were thrilled to take on this event because, it’s (of course) and we would deliver a 4K immersive live stream from footage captured and live stitched with the Nokia OZO 360 camera. We first saw the OZO back in April at NAB 2016 (read our review here) and were keen to see how well our platform would support the high quality delivered by the OZO system.

We made a few tweaks (sorry, we can’t reveal our secret sauce this time) and the show live streamed flawlessly. Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the live event.

This Week in Tech is about to Go Live


About to Hit Play for that Beautiful Equirectangular Panorama


Alex at Pixel Corps is happy with the OZO

Testimonial taken from Nokia website


$15,000 off the Nokia OZO

If you haven’t heard, OZO has just become a little more affordable for video producers with Nokia dropping its price by $15,000 to $45,000 (available here). If you’ve been itching to get your hands on it, now’s the time!

StreamShark Fun Fact

Did you notice our Holodeck in the photos?

We’re avid Star Trek fans.

vulcan salute emoji

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