Welcome to StreamShark

Welcome to StreamShark

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our dedicated live streaming and video on demand brand – StreamShark. This symbolises the culmination of many months of hard work in bringing you a product which has been rebuilt from the ground up! StreamShark represents the ‘streaming media’ arm of MetaCDN. By unshackling these two products it allows us to provide greater individual support to their respective services.


New Features:


The updated dashboard now gives you a better overview of how your account is performing. With one quick glance you can see how many credits you have been using on a day to day basis.



This long overdue feature allows you to bulk edit important options and delete files. Along with improved bulk editing tools, you now have the ability to bulk upload videos to the video on demand section.



Video profiles allow you to save your favourite encoding options. For pro and above users it also allows you to save your favourite video embed restrictions and google analytics integrations details. When uploading a video you can select one of these profiles to quickly pre-fill your favourite options.



The updated usage reports are much clearer and easier to understand. To view region breakdowns of usage, simply hover over the boxes below the graph.

If you have any questions please email us here.


Kind regards,


The StreamShark & MetaCDN Team

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